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TitleA Spatially Explicit Suspended-Sediment Load Model for Western Oregon
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsWise, Daniel R., Jim O'Connor, and U.S. Geological Survey
Series TitleU.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report
Pagination25 p.
Call NumberOSU Libraries: Digital Open Access
KeywordsGeneral, Oregon Coast Range, Willamette Valley, Umpqua River Basin, North Umpqua River, South Umpqua River, Cow Creek, Calapooya Creek, Coquille River, Elk Creek (Umpqua), Alsea River, Klamath River, Mackenzie River, Miami River, Nehalem River, Nestucca
NotesIn this report, a mathematical model is used to estimate suspended sediment loads for watersheds in western Oregon and northern California. Contemporary data is contrasted with historical data. There is good coverage of historical sediment data. Interestingly, the model shows less erosion today than in the recent past. Possible biases in the model as well as changes in forest management practices may explain this and are discussed. The authors recommend “intensive local analyses” in watersheds to overcome limitations of this study. A companion Excel file gives calibrated sediment data for Federal, California and Oregon stations. Interesting maps.