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TitlePotential effects of sea-level rise on plant productivity: species-specific responses in northeast Pacific tidal marshes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsJanousek, Christopher N., Kevin J. Buffington, Karen M. Thorne, Glenn R. Guntenspergen, John Y. Takekawa, and Bruce D. Dugger
JournalMarine Ecology Progress Series
Call NumberOSU Libraries: Electronic Subscription, Digital Open Access
KeywordsSiletz River Estuary, Millport Slough, Petaluma Marsh, Tule Slough, Tufted harigrass = Deschampsia cespitosa, Baltic rush = Juncus balticus, Argentina anserine = silverweed cinquefoil, Creeping bentgrass = Agrostis stolonifera, saltmarsh, wetland vegeta
NotesThis paper addresses the question of the effect of rising sea levels on marsh vegetation. The study contrasts two marshes, one at Petaluma, California, the other at Millport Slough in the Siletz River estuary. The study employed PVC tubes arranged in a conventional “marsh organ” design at six elevations in Millport Slough and 7 elevations at Petaluma Marsh. The authors saw species-specific responses to rising sea levels, with high salt marsh species most sensitive and vulnerable. We can expect to see changes in marsh composition, with more flooding-tolerant species predominating. This is an Open-Access publication.