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Journal Article


Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, Volume 7, Issue no.1, p.p.117-128 (2016)

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Nehalem River, Nestucca River, Salmon River, Siletz River, Siuslaw River, South Coos River, Coquille River, Elk River, Chinook salmon = Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, population count, abundance, mathematical modeling


How do you determine the size of a population when that population’s density varies over space and time, when precise sampling methods are too expensive, and when that population is concealed by water? This is the issue facing fisheries biologists. In this technical paper, the authors look at proxy methods for calculating abundance, and discuss methods for calibrating and validating proxies. “The calibration and validation of proxies is a prerequisite for responsible ecological applications . . . , and the techniques described here provide empirical measures with which to judge the usefulness of proxy information.” (p.126) The paper provides links to supplemental material.