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TitleStranding Mortality Patterns in California Sea Lions and Steller Sea Lions in Oregon and Southern Washington, 2006 to 2014
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLee, Kessina
Number of Pages72 p.
UniversityPortland State University
CityPortland, Or.
Call NumberOSU Libraries: Digital Open Access
KeywordsColumbia River, Tillamook Bay, Siletz Bay, Yaquina Bay, Coos Bay, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Harbor seal = Phoca vitulina, Steller sea lion = Eumetopias jubata, California sea lion = Zalophus californianus, commercial fisheries, human impacts
NotesThis thesis examines marine mammals found dead on the Oregon Coast from 2006-2014: where they were found, when they were found, and how they died. The author correlates animal deaths with climate conditions and human activities. Human beings were shown to cause far more deaths than disease or other causes. “Spatial analysis shows that stranding hot spots occur near major coastal estuaries: the mouth of the Columbia River, Siletz Bay, Yaquina Bay, and Coos Bay (p.60).”