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TitleConservation of Freshwater Thermal Habitats for Pacific Salmon in a Changing Climate
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsFullerton, Aimee Heather
Number of Pages217 p.
UniversityUniversity of Washington
CitySeattle, Wash.
Call NumberOSU Libraries: Digital Open Access
KeywordsNehalem River, Siletz River, Umpqua River, North Umpqua River, Cow Creek, Pacific salmonids = Oncorhynchus spp., Chinook salmon = Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, climate, water temperature, mathematical modeling, remote sensing, theses
NotesPacific salmonids spend parts of their life cycles in freshwater streams. They have evolved to need cool water in order to grow and survive. In this doctoral dissertation, the author uses remote sensing of water temperatures in dozens of streams in the Pacific Northwest to characterize the thermal profiles of the streams. Cool-water patches are noted as essential refugia for salmonids. “My research focused on filling key gaps in our understanding about spatial patterns in water temperature and potential fish response to altered thermal regimes associated with climate change. “