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Journal Article


Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, Volume 28, p.p.447-514 (2013)

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Alsea Bay, Alsea Spit, beaches, Cape Lookout State Park, climate change, coastal hazards, environmental law and policy, environmental policy and law, erosion, flooding, Netarts Bay, New River, physical modifications, riprap, sand spits, shorelines, The Capes, Tillamook Bay, tsunamis, wave heights


In this important article, the authors argue that Oregon should be working to strengthen its laws now in order to have the flexibility and legal framework to enable it to adapt to a changing climate and sea level rise. “Processes are needed to decide what infrastructure will be replaced and what will not before these inevitable events occur. . . . Planning can ensure that shoreline armoring does not eliminate public access along the shore or total loss of sand on Oregon’s beaches. Planning tools can make clear that the public access boundary does migrate inland, even if the shoreline migrates onto an inland parcel across which the public does not currently have access.” (p.514)