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Journal Article


Coastal Management: an International Journal of Marine Environment, Resources, Law, and Society, Volume 20, Issue no.4, p.p.325-352 (1994)

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OSU Libraries: Valley HT392 .C64, Guin HT392 .C64


coastal hazards, environmental policy and law, erosion, human impacts, landslides, Lower Siletz River, Siletz Bay, Siletz Spit, wave height


This article uses the Siletz littoral cell, which runs from Government Point to Cascade Head, and includes the Siletz Spit, Siletz Bay, and the Lower Siletz River, as a test site to see how Oregon’s shore protection policies are working. The author concludes that, “Put simply, in the Siletz littoral cell outcomes are inconsistent with policy goals. Policies give preference to hazard avoidance and nonstructural means of erosion control, yet in practice, seawalls and revetments are the preferred hazard reduction strategy… Cumulative effects of current practices, which may result in significant beach loss over the long term, are given little consideration.” (p.348)